商學院 讀書計畫範例 (SOP/Personal statement Sample)
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Program: Finance

Through beads of sweat I can finally see the finish line. Propelled forward by my loaded legs, my heart pumping loud inside, along the racing track am I struggling to make a last dashing effort. The 10,000-meter race is exhausting. Other contestants are right behind me; they are looking for chances to overtake me. I cannot afford to let off, not even a slightest bit because I have been preparing for this moment for years. “Beat them! You Must!” a voice deep inside me keeps shouting to me. In a match, there is just one aim—to win and to get the upper hand of your opponents. To do so, it is even necessary to go beyond one’s ultimate limit. Then the crucial moment comes, the moment of fulfilling one’s prescribed objective.

I am by no means the smartest student in my class. But my perseverance, my pursuit of excellence, and my readiness to challenge my ultimate limit have enabled me to achieve self-transcendence time and again in my past education. Whether in winning prizes during major academic aptitudes contests through my middle school days or in entering the Mathematics Department of XX University (arguably the best place to study mathematics in China) waived of the otherwise required entrance examinations, I have achieved every success through strong willpower and persistence. I believe that life is a long journey and my present application for XX University, arguably the best university in the world, is my new attempt to scale new heights.

In the summer of 2002, several major universities in China, including XX University and XX University, offered to enroll me free of entrance examinations due to my winning the first prize in the XXX that year. I eventually chose XX University. In its Mathematics Department are gathered the most outstanding talents of the country. In this competitive environment, my aptitudes not only in mathematics but also in physics and computer have improved rapidly. I realized that I had to compete in order to excel.

I achieved all-round academic development at XX University. Apart from receiving effective and systematic training in mathematics, I have had ample opportunities to exchange with the first-rate professors and fellow students. Under the influence of the University’s overall academic atmosphere, I have attained increasing mental maturity by developing my team spirit, personal responsibility, and other personal qualities. For the first time in my life I gained the understanding that a true elite is born out of a group of elites. Although I do not pretend to be the best student in my department, every major progress that I have achieved in this unique university has repeatedly convinced me that, as long as I persevere academically the way that I persevere athletically, I will ultimately develop myself into a person of outstanding excellence of my generation.

My choice of switching to an undergraduate program in Finance at XX University originates from my ideal of receiving the world’s first-rate undergraduate education and of exposing myself to the influence of an elitist academic culture. Just as XX University has attracted to it the best students in China, XX University has attracted to it the best students in the world. I identify myself strongly with your university motto which admonishes your students to be with the greatest masters of the academia and, most importantly, to be with the truth. At such a world prestigious university as XX University, it will be possible for me to listen to the instructions of the world ‘s best teachers, to exchange with and to compete against the best students in the world. Those two factors will give me lifelong benefits. I believe that only by plunging myself into this highly competitive environment will it be possible for me to bring my important potential into the fullest play, and to further develop my courage to face challenges, enhance my endurance, and improve my analytical thinking.

The motivation behind my decision to specialize in finance lies in my determination to apply my special aptitudes in mathematics to the study of social science. China is currently experiencing an unprecedented economic development in history. As a student that has grown up in pace with China’s implementation of market economy, I have the strong wish to learn the most advanced knowledge and skills in the world and to contribute my efforts to the further development of China’s economy.

Like many other elitist students of XX University, I find my middle school education filled with accolades won through hard efforts and toils. From junior middle school to senior middle school (XX Middle School, the key middle school of XX Province), I maintained a top 1% academic performance in my grade (consisting of 400 students) and was given, among various awards, the Outstanding Student honor every year. I received approximately 20 awards in national and provincial contests of mathematics, physics, English and chemistry (please refer to my Resume for more detailed information). Among those awards, some of the most important ones include the first prize in the XX, the gold medal in the “Hope Cup” XX, the third prize in the XX, and the first prize in the XX City’s XX. I have strong interest and special aptitudes in mathematics and physics. By studying those two subjects, I have not only improved my scholastic level and rigorous logical reasoning but also developed my ability to solve problems independently. Although my future career will not necessarily be in the field of mathematics, I firmly believe that mathematics is the most fundamental science through which human beings gain knowledge about this world. The knowledge and the way of thinking that I have developed through my study of mathematics, together with the strong willpower that I have evolved in the process, will be my lifelong assets.

Nevertheless, I have never allowed myself to be a bookworm. Instead, I have always sought for comprehensive personal development in management skills, interpersonal communication, and in athletic contests. During my senior middle school days, I was a student official in the Students Union and was responsible for organizing many important campus events such as the choral festival, cultural festival, debate contests, and exchanges with other schools in the city. I was the editor of the student publication “Footprint”. Although my coursework at XX University is very heavy, I have been working as a key student official of the departmental Students Union. While enriching my extracurricular life, my work at the Students Union has shown me the importance of teamwork and has taught me important skills of sound interpersonal relations. The development of organizational and management skills will also become an important legacy for my future financial study and practice.

For a dedicated runner, he has only one focus — to dash to the finish line ahead of his adversaries. It is a test of his stamina and he must prove his sportsmanship. For me, the sole reason for pursuing a more advanced education is that I have come to the moment of facing a new challenge and I need to conquer it. The height of life is reached through repeated self-transcendences—this is what I understand about the meaning of life. I have done so in the past and I will continue to do so in the future. What I am doing at present is one of those self-transcendences—to apply for admission into a university of true world prestige.

For many years, I have been practicing 10,000-meter long-distance running everyday. In so doing, I have not only developed my strong physique but also won a spate of prizes at sports meetings. The most important thing is that I have improved my character and strengthened my willpower. In every 10,000-meter event, I clench my teeth, try to go beyond my ultimate limit and beat my competitors, until I dash to the finish ahead of others. Each experience is an experience of setting and fulfilling an objective.

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For a brave mountain climber, the sole reason for his mountain climbing is that the high mountain is there and he must surmount it. For me, the sole reason for pursuing a more advanced education is that I have come to the moment of facing a new challenge and I need to conquer it. The height of life is reached through repeated self-transcendences—this is what I understand about the meaning of life. I have done so in the past and I will continue to do so in the future. What I am doing at present is one of those self-transcendences—to apply for admission into a university of true world prestige.



The contributing person was actually got accepted to several top MBA programs, including Harvard Business School, and this copy may be used only as a reference, and you should input every single word to create your own essays.
Essay #1: What evidence can you present to demonstrate your capacity to perform well academically in the Harvard MBA Program? (1/2 page)

Two of my past achievements which provide ample evidence of my ability to excel in graduate studies are: my record during my last two years at college and my promotion from analyst to consultant.

During my last two years at Berkeley, I managed to achieve tremendous success in a wide variety of classes. In all courses, including those in economics and rhetoric, I made significant contributions to classroom discussions and often achieved excellent marks as a result of diligent study and close interaction with other leading students. This success resulted in my being named to the Dean's list for the spring and fall of 1987 and achieving a GPA during the year of 3.8.
After leaving college, I began my career as a Financial Analyst for The Insurance Bank, Inc. Because of my quick mastery of the responsibilities assigned to analysts, I was given additional duties including responsibility for the management of client projects. As a project leader, I learned how to perform basic financial analysis and how to present the findings in an effective manner.

Having successfully completed several assignments, the management of The Insurance Bank, Inc. made me the first analyst in the twenty year history of the firm to be promoted to the position of Consultant.

Essay #2 Discuss a professional project which challenged your analytical skills. (1/2 page)

As a consultant, I am given a leadership role for numerous consulting projects. For each project, I am responsible for choosing the methodology used to obtain the results and for supervising a team of analysts in the completion of the project.

In a recent case I had to provide litigation support regarding the cost of maintaining a business over a five year period. Given the adversarial relationship between the parties, I had access to very limited information for the purposes of this study. My client's lawyer could provide only an account list, summary of annual revenues and a list of services which were performed on the average account. As a result I could not rely on our standard techniques used to calculate the costs of maintaining the business while at the same time I had to develop new techniques which would be admissible in a court of law.

To calculate the servicing costs, I developed two techniques for determining the cost of maintaining the business. The first technique determined costs by calculating the number of personnel which would be required to maintain the accounts and the costs associated with the required number of employees. The second technique determined cost by applying a cost function (function which related cost to the size and number of accounts) to data contained in the account lists provided by our client.

As a result of my development of these two new techniques, explanation of the methodologies in a concise written report, and in-court testimony, the court ruled in favor of my client.

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