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美國職業會計師協會(AICPA)職業生涯研究及學生機構合作關係部門經理Rebecca Mahler,強調認證對會計師的重要性,Rebecca Mahler:「這是簡歷上真正的鑽石標誌。」主要是因為執業會計師每年都必須修讀課程來保持他們的認證。 「這是一個寶貴的憑證,擁有它你的薪水會提升10%至15%。」
除了獲得認證,Rebecca Mahler還給了幾個提點:

「你能為組織帶來甚麼樣的貢獻,這將提高我們的財務目標嗎?”」- UNIGROUP會計求職者(Saint Louis, MO)
「你在哪裡看到5年後的自己?」- 美國國際集團(AIG)高級投資會計師求職者(Woodland Hills, CA)
「你是否享受矩陣模矩的小環境中工作?」- 益友網絡會計人員求職者(Location Unknown)


+「大量接觸不同的客戶和不同的業務。對於新進人員有非常良好​​的訓練和準備,提供個人發展空間。」- Ernst & Young會計人員(Location Unknown)
+「好的入門級工作。大學畢業我直接應聘上$40K+的工作,是很棒的經驗及履歷。」 - T. Rowe Price的基金會計師(Owings Mills, MD)
- 「工作時間長,有時你不得不通宵工作。」- KPMG會計人員(Location Unknown)
- 「在會計行業之外缺乏認可。我們不斷地與四大會計師事務所比較,大家都聽過四大,卻很少聽說過UHY。」- UHY諮詢會計師(Houston, TX)

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Best Business Jobs
Accountant: Reviews & Advice

How to Get a Job as an Accountant
Rebecca Mahler, manager of career research and student organizational partnerships at the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), can't stress enough how important it is for aspiring accountants to become certified. "It's really the gold star on the resume," she says, primarily because certified public accountants must take courses each year to maintain their certification, which is useful to employers. "It's an invaluable credential, and you get a 10 to 15 percent higher salary." Aside from obtaining certification, Mahler has several tips for landing an accounting job. First, she suggests specializing in a specific type of accounting, like forensic or managerial, which can lead to consulting opportunities. Second, Mahler recommends networking, saying that "The more you can get involved in the accounting community, the more likely you are to get that phone call." And lastly, Mahler strongly recommends taking some time to study before an interview. "My number-one recommendation for applicants is to brush up on your basic accounting skills," she says. "Interviewers want to know that you still have that foundation."

Interview Questions Submitted by RealAccountants
"What contributions can you bring to the organization that will enhance our financial goals?" - Unigroup Accounting Candidate (Saint Louis, MO)
"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" - AIG Senior Investment Accountant Candidate (Woodland Hills, CA)
"Do you enjoy a matrixed environment with little structure?" - The Mentor Network Staff Accountant Candidate (Location Unknown)

What is the Job Like?
Most accountants work in an office setting, although some may be able to work out of their homes. The standard work week is 40 hours, although many accountants work longer, especially if they are self-employed or have numerous clients. Longer hours are also common during tax season. The work is deadline-oriented, however, so you may feel more active than you would at a typical job. Accountants working for public firms, government agencies, and organizations with more than one location may have to travel fairly frequently to perform audits at multiple branches, places of business, or government facilities. There is also plenty of room for advancement: Starting accountants may find themselves with a managerial position after only a few years if they are working with a firm, while some may go on to open their own practice.

Real Reviews From Accountants
+ "Great exposure to different clients and different businesses. Very good training and preparation for incoming staff. Gives room for personal development." - Ernst & Young Staff Accountant (Location Unknown)
+ "Great entry level job. I got hired straight out of college for a $40k+ job that is great experience and a great resume builder." - T. Rowe Price Fund Accountant (Owings Mills, MD)
- "There were long hours. Sometimes you had to do overnight traveling, which depending on location can take a mental toll." - KPMG Staff Accountant (Location Unknown)
- "Lack of recognition outside of accounting industry. We are constantly compared to the Big 4. Everyone has heard of the Big 4 accounting firms, very few have ever heard of UHY." - UHY Advisors Accountant (Houston, TX)

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